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In our daily commute to work, people spend on average 25 minutes in one direction to get to work. While driving, people need to pay attention to all the stimulus from the surroundings. This is a perfect time to get your message across. Transit Media is a great way to interact with your potential clients.

We put your advertisement on the backside of a trans cargo. This kind of billboard is the only kind that is moving in the same direction as the driver therefore enhancing the chance of ad been noticed.

Towering over the surrounding vehicles, ads on trucks are hard to miss as they move through traffic. Furthermore, trucks are in motion throughout the day, your message circulates to new audiences within a geographic region within EU of your choice.

Let EU roads and highways become your best advertising space!

Why moving ads with Transit Media?
  • Large, colorful, innovative designs demand attention.
  • You have exclusivity in your advertising space.
  • It delivers a various audience – people on their daily commute to work, families, other drivers.
  • You can’t just close it.
  • You can’t ignore it.
  • It reaches drivers and passengers no matter what radio stations they’re listening to.
  • Up to 90% cheaper than a conventional stationary billboard.
Daily commuters – your ideal target audience.
  • People who work and have good monthly income.
  • They have families.
  • They lack time and are stressed.
  • Their time in traffic is a good starting point to notice your ad and think about how your product or service improves their lives!

Why choose Transit Media? We are a graphics agency in the most transit country – Slovenia. We are based among hundreds of transport companies that have their trucks all over EU. Our ad available truck base goes over 1000 possible advertising spaces and is still growing. We accept only newer and well maintained vehicles to our database!


Truck ads can reach a broad spectrum of people across the EU. Here are some average statistic numbers about vehicles passing one truck on a daily base.

Number of passing vehicles (1 day/ 1 truck)
AUSTRIA 5.247+ vehicles

11.215+ vehicles


3.594+ vehicles


2.116+ vehicles


4.140+ vehicles


3.317+ vehicles


5.903+ vehicles

We guarantee that each truck will make 50.000 km in 6 months. That means an estimated reach of 164.930.500+ views* for 100 rented trucks for 6 months.


We have prepared three packages to start:


Ad place rent: 6 months – 20 truck trailers

Cost: On demand

Estimated reach: 32.986.100+ views*


Ad place rent: 6 months – 60 truck trailers

Cost: On demand

Estimated reach: 98.958.300+ views*


Ad place rent: 6 months – 100 truck trailers

Cost: On demand

Estimated reach: 164.930.500+ views*

*Estimated reach is based on  all cars passing trucks driving 30% in AT + 70% in DE with on average 1.4 passengers, 5 days per week in 25 weeks.

Individual offers can be made.
Including reflecting ads with enhanced night visibility!


If you’re ready to engage your customers with billboards on wheels, let’s talk!

We are offering different EU routes you can choose from.

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